Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) Front Suspension Strut Cover


Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider (916) Front Suspension Strut Cover

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Another part that seems difficult to find is the rubber cover that goes over the front suspension strut and prevents dirt and grit getting inti the top mount and ruining the bearing. As it is impossible  to get hold of left hand strut mounts it seems like a small price to pay to ensure the ones you have last a slong as possible.

Again we have been able to reverse engineer from a genuine part replicas which even have the original part number in them. Be aware though that because of variations in the moulding process althought the exterior of the the covers always comes out the same the inside of the cover may vary. This does not in anyway effect their prinary function.

One of the attached photos shows an original cover next to one of our copies and I think you would admit it is pretty hard to tell which is which.


These also fit Alfa 33 (1990-1994) models


Price is for a single black cover (email me after placing your order if you require red) and includes VAT



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