Alfa Romeo Spider (916) Roof Motor 60630546/60621817 Replacement Gear

60630546 60621817

Alfa Romeo Spider (916) Roof Motor 60630546/60621817 Replacement Gear

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Alfa's 916 Spiders suffer from a common problem where the electric roof fails to work as the top cover doesn't release. The reason is due to Alfa Romeo using a moulded plastic gear inside the motor for the top cover. These gears are poor quality and the teeth strip on them. If you can hear motor motor turning and it's not releasing the top cover, it's likely the teeth have stripped. You can't buy a replacement gear from Alfa Romeo you have to buy a whole new motor at a cost of £250+ and you will still end up with the same weak gear inside that will eventually break again.

Replacement gears that are machined from superior Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE. They are easy to install, all you need is a 10mm spanner, a phillips screwdriver and some fresh grease. It should take no more than 30 minutes start to finish.


Check your motor looks like the second photo as this is the motor that the gear is designed to fit

Price includes one gear and VAT


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